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So kiss my tongue, make everything better
Show me you’ll be with me forever
Even if it’s heart-to-heart
You hated me from the start

Happy days will never be granted
Now you know my thoughts have gone rancid
Even if it’s never said
I know it’s true; You want me dead

♡ SKYLER | 18 | GIRL ♡

CM: more sprites by pastelxmeow

code by creamwave



Tbh I really don't get why whenever I actually stand up and point out what someone is doing is wrong, they automatically assume that I hate them.
This is kinda the reason why I previously let people step all over me, some say "It's okay to call me out", but when I DO, they act like I hate them and proceed to guilt trip me over it.

I'm seriously NOT that type of person to hate someone over mistakes. Yes, I will be sorta upset or even really mad at someone depending on what they did, but majority of the time I am a VERY forgiving person (I can do without the guilt tripping tbh because that IS something I hate. IT DOESN'T MEAN I HATE YOU)
I seriously don't know where people get these random assumptions that if they do something wrong and I point it out to them, they assume "Omg I pissed Skyler off that means she hates me now", but that's kinda becoming a stereotype on me: It's NOT true, people.
Anger and dissapointment is really not the same thing as hate. Trust me, if I HATED you, you would know. But I'm NOT gonna hate someone over mistakes they make. I actually KNOW that everyone makes mistakes . Surprising, I know. But sarcasm aside, it's true.
Just own UP TO your mistakes and I won't continue being mad at you. Don't guilt trip me in order to make me "forgive" you because all it'll do it make things worse, and please STOP assuming things with me regarding my emotions, this is why I keep things to myself majority of the time.
This can go for everyone too, not JUST me. I'm sure a lot of other people go through this as well. I deal with this quite often after I scold someone for something they did and I'm really tired of it.



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.:Chibi Persona:. by PrincessSkyler
Skyler Tiny OC by Sugary-Stardust About Skyler: Michael Tiny OC by Sugary-Stardust
Skyler is a young girl who is hobbyist. She is 18 years old, whom is looking to be a singer when she grows up. She has a few kinks, her main one being her kink for hypnosis. She does not like when people guilt trip her or force her to do things, and feels upset when she doesn't know how to cheer up her friends.
Her favorite food is sushi, her favorite vegi is celery, and her least favorite food are various pastas, along with bacon.
Her two favorite flowers are pink roses and sakuras.
{-Gift-} Skyler by Phoenix-Wing-Art
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dA Family
:cherryblossom: by CherushiMetsumari:iconlliiy: Adoptive Mom
:cherryblossom: by CherushiMetsumari:iconkeatonkeenan: Adoptive Dad
:cherryblossom: by CherushiMetsumari :iconnolythesinner: Sister

Since I'm collabing a LITTLE bit with Ninjago still in my verse, but not too much anymore, do you think I should only list the MAJOR statuses Skyler had with the characters? 

24 deviants said Yeah, that'd probably be a good idea :0
7 deviants said I'm not sure aaa
3 deviants said Nah, list each of their relationships just in case!
3 deviants said Nah, take them out except for Cole's since Skyler used to take him, and keep Sensei's too since Skyler was one of his students in childhood.


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