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From my recent cover... I've actually come to like my singing now...

Do not mention my dA on youtube.
.:The Queen of Gothic Loita:. (READ DESC) by PrincessSkyler
.:The Queen of Gothic Loita:. (READ DESC)
He also wrote a story to go with it!


As the night had humbly passed one October evening, the night was calm, the leaves flew barely above ground and the weather was technically perfect for a stroll outside--74 degrees outside, the young princess of Ninjago, a red haired girl named Skyler Iceriver was taking advantage of this so early into the night that came. She truly had no purpose for walking outside wearing her slightly clean hoodie while the moon was shining so brightly other than to feel the breeze and breathe the October air around her, for it still was around for only a few weeks today. Skyler was feeling quite well all the way.

Along with being outside taking her stroll she wasn't just taking any route to enjoy the outside feeling--she was travelling across a route where there used to be a small quiet kingdom at the end of the path many decades ago, now only have been forgotten and left to crumble and rot after it had been abandoned. Not much has been known of its history besides of a queen who used to love there in all her glory--how she was adored by all and was appreciated until she was faced with the curse of fame. The fame had tolled through the queen's life and mentality for so long she barely had any time to appreciate her husband and many years thereafter...came her own death; it was a dark momentum for the kingdom--including its downfall of the kingdom's pace for existence. 

Legend has it that her tiara, a shiny purple gothic tiara, still exists in, shockingly--mint condition, after all these years and comes across any females who are worthy of taking her place--and it's said that those who wear the tiara, will also be tempted to wear it forever as long as they keep submitting to the sweet and gentle voices it generates within their subconscious once it's been worn. No one has ever gotten free from the tiara's grasp before.

Skyler continued her route through the hallowed trail, the atmosphere had started to become empty and lifeless and the trees had become denser and taller, blocking out some of the bright moonlight that was shining through. The wind started to pick up a bit and more leaves from the ground and flew upwards into the sky, unlike of the weather to change so suddenly like that. Skyler had grown curious in the sudden change of weather and the dark atmosphere whom of which could feel some presence of decades old sorrow and despair radiating around her. It wasn't familiar to her at all--most likely she hasn't traveled through this part of the landscape any time soon.

Even so, she still continued her way through it hoping those feelings would go away. The night started to get darker and the moon started to shine brighter with the yellowish tint it had carried throughout the nights it had been in, but the trees had blocked the light from coming to the trailway. Skyler couldn't continue down the path as it had been completely engulfed in darkness of the night--it would be total retardation to go into a pathway blindly. Skyler wondered what she could do now as the pathway seems to be not safe to travel too.

Then, something shined in the distance. Something was glowing brightly from afar--and it was no moon making that light--it was a purple shine that came through, having caught the eye of the Ninjago Princess from a distance. Although she was supposed to be trusting her instincts not to go onwards--it wouldn't hurt to just travel up until she made it to the glowing mystery object.

After several minutes making the distance to the specified location, Skyler had been able to come across the shining object--and none less, the queen's tiara, the same one who had led to the downfall of the early civilized kingdom. The princess had wondered why such a tiara had been left alone here in the forest, and supposedly, who would drop it and leave it lying around on the dead grass?

Given her duty to return the tiara to whom may have dropped it, she walked up to it and simply picked it up with one hand and held onto it in the same hand as any person would do. She decided to run back and see if she could possibly anyone who may have gone backwards and forgot about it--she did see a few people who may have looked like it could have been theirs. 

But, suddenly Skyler stopped in her tracks as she tried to run the next few feet that she had already covered. She started to hear voices inside her head...


The voices had started to come out of nowhere and Skyler tried to wonder where they had come from. The longer she kept trying to figure it out the louder the voiced had become, repeating the same words over and over again. It was starting to give Skyler a headache and she dropped the purple tiara.

...And suddenly, the voices stopped. They disappeared.

Skyler looked at the tiara as she stopped feeling the migrane and noticed it was...asking her to wear it. It was strange--too strange--for the headwear to ask her to wear something as divine and genuine as that, but now having just repeated the words inside her own conscience, it didn't seem so weird for some reason. When she held onto it again, the voices started to reappear but Skyler showed no negative reaction other than a surprised one. She was curious to try it on now as the voices successfully persuaded her to do so.

She held the tiara with both hands and put it on gently, having adjusted it to fit her.

Then, the "wear me" voices had gone away. 

And a new voice had appeared.

"...Thank you....for wearing me..." The voice had spoke out to her now that it had been successfully latched onto her head, the voice thanking Skyler for doing the latter. She replied with kind manners.

"...I....I'm so happy now that you can hear us...I thought we would be left alone now that our queen had disappeared. The tiara is all we have left..." The voices started to sorrow a bit as they told a small tale of the queen of the abandoned kingdom to Skyler, she seemed to be interested in it but now truly a whole lot.

"...I...I assume you don't want to hear our sob I will get to our point..."

"...We need a new queen to wear the tiara you wear before you. look like you would fit her majesty's have such a finesse that would make us all want to love you, just like we loved the queen."

Skyler didn't think that would be true...but she let it slide and blushed about it for the moment. 

"...Can our new queen? Can you...?" The voices asked her politely.

She said she couldn't be--she was already a princess of Ninjago, and sought that title had fit her better than being a queen.

"P-please! We're lonely! We need a queen to look after us!! No queen makes us feel sad and we become lonely!" The voices begged her and they attempted to persuade her desperately, but to no avail she was unfazed by it. 

"...Please be our queen! We already made you a dress you may like!" Skyler was confused by what they meant--they were just voices, they couldn't have done anything that involved changing her appearance...

...that was, until she looked down on her clothing and noticed a obvious change.

Her hoodie and her normal jean wear was shockingly replaced by a strangely formal attire, reminiscent of the gothic Lolita fashions. Her jeans were replaced by striped leggings and her shoes were replaced by high heel boots, none of which she was ever familiar wearing in her lifetime. Along that, she was wearing gloves that went up to the elbows of her arms, and with that a slight weight was made on her face--she could feel some purple eye shadow and purple was colored on her lips, also nothing she was truly comfortable wearing. It made her confused and angry at the same time nonetheless and questioned what was going on with a temper.

"..Y-you look so perfect. We couldn't let such a beauty leave us alone....please don't leave us. We love you..." As Skyler ranted to the voices, she started to get more furious. But the temper wouldn't last long--as her temper was unknowingly dying. It started to die off and Skyler started to feel calm, but she kept shaking her head as she was trying to block off the voices.

Skyler attempted to remove the tiara off her head--but the tiara didn't go down so easily--it became stuck to her head and it was going to tear Skyler's hear if she tried to forcefully tug it. 

"Please don't remove the look beautiful with it on you..." The voices kept saying the same "you look beautiful" and "don't remove the tiara" lines as Skyler got frustrated and still attempted to rant.

Then, a purple flame had shone brightly in front of her. The flame was the same color as the tiara...and it shines so brightly in front of felt cozy and warm in the midst of the fall breeze...Skyler was trying to look away from it...

"Don't resist it....please look at it..."

The flames moved in such strange movements it was almost entertaining to watch on its own...and the bright pink center of the flame was attention-grabbing...the flame was becoming hypnotic to Skyler...she couldn't take her eyes off it as the voices continued to spew out messages in her mind. She felt slightly light-headed, and put her right hand on her forehead, a gesture used to determine something that was found exhausting or worth fainting to.


Skyler tried to resist it, but soon enough she falls to the temptation of the sweet-talking voices and the hypnotic flame and becomes flattered by their kind words. She blushed and her eyes turned from it's icy blue color to the bright flaming purple color--the center of her eye had a bright pink shine to it, the sign that she is not the Skyler anymore that everyone had seen; now she became...something more lady-like, not seen from Skyler often.

" look charming. Promise us that you never leave us alone, and stay by our side as we cheer you in all your glorious beauty!" The voices said calmly, happy that Skyler had submitted to their words and became someone the voices saw fit for her. 

Skyler still had her hand on her chest as she was complimented by the voices on how beautiful Skyler looked, how they would treat her well and more than just being a simple princess, and that she will be loved by all. With the tiara she now had on, she would take a more rigorous and well-renounced title for her. as she accepted their promise kindly.

She didn't deserve the title of being the Princess of Ninjago anymore.

She deserved the title of being....the "Gothic Lolita Queen", to put it bluntly.

"Shall we...walk towards our kingdom, m'lady?" The voices had asked her to go to the kingdom, and she "chose" to agree to their decision. Despite wearing high heel boots, she already seemed to be wearing them quite well keeping her balance and having grace doing so.

She walked back into the shadowed part of the trail ,the former Skyler had walked down, as a new queen had been created by her people., one who would ALWAYS be by their side and would NEVER mistreat her subjects in such a calm, polite, and sweet manner. The "new" Skyler had looked more polite, formal, more royal than what the "old" Skyler had been wearing in previous times. Old Skyler was never seen wearing Gothic Lolita before--and she was never a queen either. Maybe now she can learn to adjust to her new title being a royal figure, thanks to the voices she is now grateful of meeting, having pleased her with such niceness and "persuade" her into being their ruler. It was such a great opportunity.

But for now, "new" Skyler was walking down a trail with a few purple flames by her side, giggling and smiling with her new subjects to rule her kingdom with.

Hopefully, she can revive what was lost of the abandoned kingdom as her time as queen...and it could be nice if she had more friends like her to come over and aid her majesty....


Art by: :iconnukealias2:
Story by: :iconnukealias2:
.:Trick and Treat:. by PrincessSkyler
.:Trick and Treat:.
Yes me and Kyle did a cover of trick and treat, I'll be uploading the video on Halloween!

I think I did semi-okay on this picture..!
Called :iconwishescancometrue:

Personally I think this group might be kind of fun!

However, I don't want to use up all of my wishes right away, so I want to use one wish at a time at least. Check it out!

I'll just use one wish for now:
You'd think I'd wish for points, but tbh I'm not THAT desperate for points, My wish is actually:
I want to be less shy when it comes to being social on dA.

I'm actually kind of scared of socializing, because I have fetishes and I'm kind of ashamed of it....
Though I haven't been judged YET about it, I'm still really nervous about making new friends.
And not to mention my humor is kind of dirty, I don't want to offend anyone by making a joke they don't like. I just can't help my humor anymore.

Do not mention my dA on youtube.


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Chibi Page Doll by PrincessSkyler
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.:Spark of Insanity:. Signature Pose (READ DESC) by PrincessSkyler
Damnit, Spark! by PrincessSkyler
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Moment: Teen Girl Squad by PrincessSkyler
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